When it all makes sense…

Welcome to the Writer’s Block blog!!

This was something I was itching to get back to. At first, I was willing to share with everyone but life had other agendas. Some may say that laziness or lack of creativity plays a part whenever there is a small portion of ambition. To be honest, that does contribute to the casue, but it’s more than just a lack of drive. To me, it was the fear of “acceptance” or being “rejected”. Not only it affected my role as a writer, but as an song writer, artist, poet, or any other avenue in which I know I can make a happen. I allowed something so trivial to post poe my ideas. However, there will be a change. I am back into writing, working on book number two, writing new music, and pursuring another career in acting. Overall, God has opened up new doors for me to walk through and I believe it is my season to reap what God has in store. I am actually excited for the journey, aand I want you all to experience it with me. Once again, I welcome you all to my blog; Writers’s Block!!

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