Thankfulness Forms Humility

Verse of the Day: 1 Chronicles 16:34

“It is a beautiful thing to cherish

This is the day to be thankful!! It is Thanksgiving; the holiday when life is good as yams mixed with momma’s oven baked mac’n’cheese and sweet potato pie multiplies more than fish and loafs of bread (I’m more of a key lime pie person, though). This holiday reminds us to be thankful for what we have and whom we share our lives with. It is a beautiful thing to cherish; however thankfulness should be part of our daily lives, I believe. Being thankful should form a sense of humility. I came from a family where we didn’t keep up with the Jones nor cared what others have seen or said. I had awesome parents who did their best and their best made me into the man I am today. Still, not everyone have that testimony. Most people I know are either from single parent household or came from foster care. No matter what road you (or they) walked on, every day should be a thankful moment. Thank your parent(s) and/or your guardians for being there. More importantly, thank God for keeping you here. That’s more than enough to bear fruit of humility. Our moments here on Earth should be used to be thankful and showing the world why we have a joyus spirit. It’s part of the lifestyle of being like Christ. As we all have a awesome Thanksgiving, I would like to challenge you all to carry out feeling of humility and share with others around you and allow it to be part of your life. For humility brings a greater perspective of thankfulness.

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